How cold is too cold for a dog,Two kinds of “domestic dogs” most afraid of cold

Do you know that it’s always more challenging to keep dogs warm in winter than in summer? Cold weather makes dogs feel the hostility of nature, and their physical condition and immunity decrease significantly. When the weather gets colder, we must pay attention to these signs that indicate dogs are feeling chilly, which you might not be aware of.

Signs that Dogs Feel Cold:

1. Sneezing and coughing:
Did you know that dogs also sneeze and cough? When dogs are affected by certain odors or feel cold, their bodies react accordingly. Sneezing and coughing indicate that dogs are shivering from the cold. Don’t take it lightly; quickly suit them up to keep them warm!

2. Curling up:
Many people believe that dogs, with their fur, don’t need extra warmth or clothing. However, this isn’t entirely true. While fur provides insulation, it’s not foolproof. Certain areas, like the head, belly, and feet, may have less or no fur at all. Therefore, you’ll find that dogs tend to curl up to protect these areas in winter.

How cold is too cold for a dog,Two kinds of "domestic dogs" most afraid of cold

3. Continuous shivering:
Have you noticed that dogs shiver uncontrollably in the cold, just like humans? When dogs shiver uncontrollably due to the cold, it indicates that they are truly feeling cold! At this point, consider dressing them in fashionable warm attire to make them the “most handsome dog” in winter!

4. Hiding in corners and reluctance to move:
“Winter makes people lazy, and it also makes dogs lazy.” When dogs realize that the weather is turning cold, they seek out a warm place to stay, avoiding activities they usually enjoy, such as playing with toys or going for walks. If you notice this behavior in your dog, don’t ignore it; prepare a warm dog bed or outfit them with warm clothing if they need to go out.

How cold is too cold for a dog,Two kinds of "domestic dogs" most afraid of cold

How to Keep Dogs Warm:

– Add clothing:
Dress your dog in suitable clothes, especially in cold weather. Choose clothing that provides good insulation, ensuring the size fits well to avoid restricting movement, and select comfortable materials to prevent skin irritation.

– Provide a warm shelter:
Offer your dog a warm and comfortable shelter to ensure they feel safe and secure, maintaining their health during cold weather. Ensure the indoor temperature is suitable, minimize drafts, and remove any hazardous items to prevent injuries.

– Exercise appropriately:
Adequate exercise helps dogs maintain their physical health and boost their immunity. Opt for warm periods for outdoor activities, choose suitable exercise intensity, and consider your dog’s personality and preferences when selecting activities.

The Two Most Cold-Sensitive “Household Dogs”:

1. Poodle:
Poodles are one of the most beloved breeds among Chinese pet owners. Despite their long and curly fur, it doesn’t provide sufficient warmth. Coupled with their small size, they are less robust than larger dogs. Therefore, extra attention is needed to keep them warm.

In extremely cold areas, ensure they are fully dressed when going out and fulfill their exercise needs indoors by engaging them with treats and interactive play.

2. French Bulldog:
Despite their cute and goofy appearance, French Bulldogs are quite sensitive to cold weather. Additionally, they have delicate stomachs, making them prone to diarrhea when chilled. Therefore, extra emphasis should be placed on keeping them warm.

Besides basic warmth measures, consider choosing high-quality dog food to help them get through the winter.

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How cold is too cold for a dog,Two kinds of "domestic dogs" most afraid of cold

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